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    For those that use smart phones to photograph their birds, I posted a way to put your photos on the forum from your smart phone in the response to Countrygirl. I am using “imgur” as my photo site. This note tells you why you cannot use the code from your Windows desktop.

    Where do I find the BBCode?
    BBCodes are only available on the desktop website. Once you have uploaded your images, hover over an image and click “Get share links” to copy the BBCode.

    This also assumes that you are using your smart phone on the forum.

    Stafford, VA


      Does imgur cost anything? Or is it free? Thanks for your help with this. I haven’t tried it, yet.


      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Hi, David – glad you are helping those with the smart phones (I don’t use one). And nice to hear from you, Tammy. Since the holidays are over it has been quite lonesome. Oh well, can’t get spring here until winter does it’s thing!


        Thank you Tammy and Carol.
        It has been cold and breezy here in Virginia. Not as bad as the Midwest though.
        Tammy, imjur is a free service. You just need to set up a basic account to begin posting your photos.
        Carol, once the cold weather set in my bluebirds stopped taking the mealworms and have been daily feeders at my nut and fruit feeders. I wanted to try your suet recipe but have not had time to do it. Maybe one day.

        On another note, my mealworm project came to a halt when both my wife and I caught Covid-19 at the same time. I still have a few live worms but my entire beetle colony collapsed. So I will start a smaller venture in the spring.

        I also was not able to finish the data collection, so I will start that again in the new season.

        Stafford, VA

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Oh, David, so sorry to hear about you and your wife getting Covid-19 at same time – what a bummer! And also bad about your mealworm factory – I know you have worked very hard on that project.
          I have had a fairly good winter season – lots of juncos, white-crowned sparrows, and of course HOSP at my suet feeders (2) & TONS of cardinals at our BOSS (black oil sunseed seed) feeder – what a sight to have this beautiful scene to view in the winter. Papa blue has been around all winter and saw the female earlier but have not seen her for a month or so. I have a feeling something happened to her or she just wanted to avoid the cold weather and went elsewhere. COME ON SPRING!!

        Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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