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    The Original Bluebird Nut

      We welcome you to the brand new Bluebird Nut Cafe message board. The members of the Bluebird Nut Cafe that was first hosted by EZBoard in 2004, then later by Yuku, have expressed some degree of dissatisfaction with the advertising policy of this service, which required regular contributions by members and hosts, and paid supporter accounts in order to avoid having the community members see what they considered to be intrusive, and sometimes offensive advertisements. In an effort to resolve that problem, we have created here a new incarnation of the Bluebird Nut Cafe, employing bbPress. We hope all of our old regulars will come and join us here, as well as new guests, visitors, and posters. We’re sure you will enjoy your time spent here, learning about and talking with others about this well-loved species of songbird. You may browse and read to your satisfaction. In addition, at least for the time being, we are going to keep the old Yuku board open for reading, while closing it for new discussions. We do not intend to make any future contributions to the old board, so it will not be ad-free unless you already have a paid Yuku Supporter subscription, and it will direct those who find it by accident to come to this board for active discussions. But the information that has been posted there in the past will be available for reading.

      The same rules of conduct that applied to our old community now apply to this one.

      Before posting, you may wish to review our community’s Posting Guidelines below.

      Guidelines for Posting

      The Bluebird Nut Cafe was created for members to meet and share bluebird information, advice and experiences, helping one another help the species Sialis, or Bluebird. Please follow these guidelines for posting:

      The Subject Line of your post can also help other members in two ways — it will tell them at a glance if the subject is something they want to read, and it will also help them to remember whether they have read and/or responded to your post or not. It will be helpful to everyone if you make your subject lines as descriptive and specific as possible. This will also ensure that you will receive the responses you are looking for. Posting topics with the subject line: “NEED HELP”, for instance, will not generate as much interest as, for instance: “Help – Bluebirds not using my nest box – why?”

      No obscene, vulgar, or offensive posts: We reserve the right to remove or edit any such posts. If you come across a post that you feel is offensive, please contact a moderator or administrator.

      No Bashing: Please, no bashing (personal insults, name-calling, etc.) of fellow forum members or visitors, other Bluebirders, Bluebird forums or their members. Please remember that this is a public forum, and that anyone with an internet connection may visit, read, or reply to anything said here, and that your public posts on this board reflect on this community and on Bluebirders in general. Please, be a good ambassador for Bluebirding.

      Repeat Questions: Because we have many new visitors each year, it is inevitable that the same questions will be repeated numerous times. I encourage our regular posters to be as helpful as possible to everyone, no matter how many times you’ve heard the same question. Generally, people use an internet forum because they don’t have time for extensive research, or don’t know where to find information on a topic, and need an answer quickly. Please be accomodating. Whenever possible, please answer the question in the thread where the question is posed. You may cut and paste the answer from a previous post, or – if a previous topic has covered the question in-depth – provide a link in your reply to another thread where the same question was discussed. Once a newcomer feels welcome, they can be introduced to the many features of this forum, including the Search feature

      No advertising: Please do not post advertisements in the forum. There is a forum dedicated to Bluebird-Friendly products. Bluebird Nut Cafe has reached an agreement with these advertisers about reciprocal linking and advertising. It would be unfair to these advertisers to allow members to advertise outside the Product forum. If you have a product or service which you would like to advertise, please contact the administrator concerning possible terms for reciprocal advertising.

      HOSP Discussions: While the subject of active House Sparrow (HOSP) control is an inevitable part of any discussion on Bluebird conservation and preservation efforts, it should be remembered that not everyone is in agreement with the concept. Be respectful of the views of others. HOSP control must be done in a way that is both humane and legal. However, State and local laws are not all in agreement on what constitutes humane euthanization. Not every method is considered legal in all areas. Discussion of specific HOSP euthanization methods is not allowed on the public board. Posts on the public board that violate this guideline are subject to removal or editing without notice. There is a private board for this purpose, to which forum participants may request access by contacting a moderator or administrator by PM.

      This is in no way intended to restrict discussion of the need for active HOSP control, including trapping and disposal, in areas where Bluebirds are nesting, as the House Sparrow is a non-native, invasive species, considered a pest, and as such may be legally eliminated by humane methods.

      Disclaimer: While we try to monitor the content of posts carefully, BluebirdNut.com and the Bluebird Nut Cafe take no responsibility for any erroneous advice given by any of the individual community members.

      As the community grows, we may find it necessary to update these guidelines from time to time. When that happens we’ll make a note about it in the forum.

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        I have a nest with 3 eggs but apparently something happened to the female-haven’t seen her in about 3 weeks. The male is still around and guards the nest by chasing away other birds and making his presence know when I check the nest. He occasionally peeks in the nest box. This breaks my heart. Should I wait any longer before removing the nest and would it be better to do it at night when the male is hopefully asleep? Don’t want to upset him if he sees me taking it away.


          Jean, did you ever get tour answer? No one saw it up here. If the eggs are way past hatching date then you can remove the nest and eggs. Ask your questions in the general area. Click on “Create New Topic” at the top of the page.

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