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      I’ve been “bluebirding” for almost 30 years both at my house and at school where we had a bluebird trail. Today I’ve come up against a new experience and I’d like as much feedback as possible.

      Last year I traded an old delapidated NABs house for a Gilwood style house. It is paired with a Peterson house. (I haven’t had TRES in about five or six years.) Anyway, last year the blues immediately nested in the Gilwood house which is known for not encouraging HOSPs. There was a successful nesting there although at one point I thought I saw a female HOSP flying around and put up a sparrow spooker. I later figured, rightly or wrongly, what I had seen was a female house finch since they’re known to hang out with blues.

      This year I have a pair of blues which have ignored the Gilwood and have an almost completed nest in the Peterson style house. I’ve seen the male sitting on the house. This morning I noticed what I thought was a female house finch go in the Gilwood house.

      So….I just checked out the two houses. In one day the Gilwood has a nest. I’m assuming it’s a HOSP nest but could it possibly be a house finch nest? To my eyes, it’s not the typically messy nest I’ve seen over the years. I’m also not in an area rife with HOSPs, nor had I seen them around my feeders this winter.

      (I have a pic of the nest,but Im not sure how to insert it as I’m not getting the option to paste.)


        What I do know is that HOFI are not usually cavity nesting birds. If your box is a slot style they could possibly be tempted but I’m doubting it.

        See if you can get a good look at the female. If she has streaks on her breast feathers, she’s a HOFI. If not, she’s a HOSP.

        Atlanta, GA

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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