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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Taken yesterday just after sun came up – kind of blurry (through patio door glass & cropped) but I was thrilled – couldn’t get a better shot all morning long.

      Trying this photobucket thing once more……..?????
      Wow – got it to work this time – great. Fence is farther away from box than it looks and the tree branch is where parents perch, taking care of “their” box.

      The Original Bluebird Nut

        :bluebird6: Congratulations! House Hunting!

        Central NY
        TMB Studios

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          My pair of blues that was defending this box seem to have abandoned it. I have not seen them around it much for several days although they do come to eat mealies. Hope they come back or claim one of the other 4 boxes, if I can keep HOSP away! There was a new lone piece of weed in this box which looked HOSP to me, so I removed it. I’m wondering now if this was the blues’ claim grass, although it was not pine needle or short grass, just one long piece of weed. Sometimes I wonder if we (I) don’t try to micro-manage our nestings too much, in trying to protect them???


            It’s not going to matter that you removed that lone piece. Nor is that going to stop whoever put it there. No worries.

            Atlanta, GA


              Don’t give up hope! They may come back. Looks like you have a great house design and baffle set up. I am a little concerned about how close it is to the fence. A raccoon or snake could climb and stretch over. I know the picture could be deceiving…..just a thought.


              Carol – Mid-Mo.

                Yes, Lexi, the fence is a lot farther from the box than it looks – about 10′ away – the picture is very deceiving. The tree is about 20-25 feet away, or more. Thanks for the comment & thought.


                  I have bluebirds checking out their normal box at our house and one full bluebird nest on the trail. I’ve also trapped two hosp in my boxes yesterday!


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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