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      My 2 eggs made it through the Tropical Storm and my 1st batch having had already fledged, the eggs should be hatching soon being laid on the 15th and 16th, but my Question is when do they stop nesting another bunch each year??? This being my 1st year wondering if this is an all summer thing?

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Dene, don’t know for sure in your area. My pair are on their 3rd nesting and have two eggs in a new nest right now. But it is getting a little late in the season for this area. Just not sure about where you live. They will do their own thing – new nest or not. Sure glad your two eggs made it through the storm – that is great! P.S. Now all areas or bluebird pairs have 3 nestings, but I usually do here, although one year I believe they only had 2 nestings, mainly because they couldn’t make up their mind about which of their 3 nests (made at same time) to lay eggs!!


          Dene, 2-3 cycles in a season are the norm for most pairs. Some start sooner, some later. It all depends on the location, food supply, availability of a partner, etc.

          Atlanta, GA


            Dene, I am in the South and have 2 nestings if they all fledge, 3 if something goes wrong. This is just observational over 6-7 years. No scientific basis mind you!

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