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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      WHY does my crazy bluebird pair build more than one FULL nest right now? They are driving me nuts – they have a beautiful nest in an older box close to our house, and now have decided to build another one in a different box/location. This is the 3rd year this pair have done this, therefore delaying the 1st eggs and then only having time for one more nesting. I can understand them starting one and then saying “this won’t do, let’s go over here”, but to go to the trouble of building a full nest and THEN changing their mind is beyond me. HOW COMMON IS THIS – anyone else experienced this? I have been trapping & removing HOSP nests from this newer box they are now working on – maybe I should have left the HOSP nest in it (of course not let hatch). Actually, they did for quite some time. Why won’t they read the rule books………
      WNY< WHY

      Rich K

        This is extremely common. From what I have read it is more common in first/second year breeding pairs. It seems to be more territorial than anything. I have the same problem right now including a female EABL who seems to insist she wants to next in a DOWO box 15 feet up on a tree with a deep bottom!


          It seems like particular birds do this more than others. I had a pair that never did this but but this pair does.


          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Okay, Okay – guess they are not so different after all. At this rate I will probably only have one nesting – oh well………

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