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    Carol – Mid-Mo.

      Well, it was a long time coming but this summer is definitely here in mid-Missouri this week. Today already actual temp was about 95 degrees with heat index of 103. All the rest of this week is supposed to be in the upper 90’s, and my box where 4 eggs are being incubated has no shade at all. I did put on a heat shield right away, but this heat index is going to be ferocious all week. Anyone have any more ideas, except umbrella – because we also have very strong winds most of the time and an umbrella would not last at all. I remember one year we actually parked our RV trailer (quite tall) on the west of a box to give it some shade, but we don’t have it any longer. Because of the way our yard is situated (back yard on the west of home) I really do not have any place to put the boxes other than where they are because of trees, fences, etc. I have been thinking about putting a box in the front yard where I believe I could situate a box so the west sun would not be on it. Maybe next year, but I am concerned about this current nest, as their prior nest was raided by house wrens and sure want this one to succeed. I guess I can’t control mother nature here . . . . but it sure is a worry.


      With the exception of constructing a canopy over the nestbox, you have done about all there is to do. We have 100 – 105 degree HI’s here in Virginia but they do not last for long. Nature has a way of cooling itself and you will probably not have any issues with the box. I have thought about using my shepherds’ hooks to hang a piece of plywood in front to the box to shield it from the South-west sun during the day. I am not sure how effective that might be.

      Stafford, VA

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Just thought of another question – does having a wren guard on do more harm than good when it is this hot? In other words, since it blocks the hole’s air somewhat, would it be better to risk house wren or the heat? Which is the worse enemy, as they both basically are mother nature at work. I know there has been a wren around since it destroyed my last nest about 2 weeks ago, but I really have not seen it lately. My box does have good ventilation at the top, but geeze …….

        Carol – Mid-Mo.

          Thanks for the reply, David. I sure hope you are right, but a week or more of this heat with eggs being incubated will be brutal. I researched the http://www.sialis.org website & found great information on heat and one idea really appeals to me for consideration next year. It is a heat shield made with window shades you can readily purchase. It is a vinyl type material which is like actual screen wire, only made of heavy vinyl with same type of openings. I actually have this on my front picture window and it does cut down the sun’s rays & heat a lot. The only problem is that it probably wouldn’t be very substantial in the sun over time. Time will tell, but I have this on my bucket list for this winter. For now my box is heavy cedar wood, has good top ventilation and right now has Styrofoam insulation on the top, south & west sides, with good dead-air space. Don’t know what more I can do other than crossing my fingers, toes & eyes!!


            Carol, the entrance hole doesn’t provide much in the way of ventilation. Ventilation is achieved by CROSS ventilation in boxes so keep the wren guard in place. Better to have it than not.

            Atlanta, GA

            Carol – Mid-Mo.

              Thanks, Gin, I really did believe it was best to leave wren guard on.


                I think you’d have it covered with your styrofoam sides.


                Love my blues!

                  So worried about heat too! Heat index was 108 today & getting hotter and hotter in the coming week. Think heat shield is helping- sure hope it will be enough. Mom’s still incubating…

                  Good luck to all!


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