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      So my five hatched this morning and dad is around but hasn’t tried to feed them at all. I fear it’s the wren guard. I’m so tempted to take it down but I suspect HOWR in my first loss. I feel like I’m between a rock and a hard place!

      Carol – Mid-Mo.

        Lisa, I don’t believe the parents feed them much, if at all, the day they are born. I would let the wren guard alone for now. If by tomorrow you don’t see them being fed, they maybe you could take the guard down, but if mama incubated them for 14 days with the wren guard on, I don’t think she will abandon them now. I know it’s hard, but be patient. The wrens will toss out real small babies in a heartbeat if they get the chance. Let others chime in here with their opinions, and congrats on the hatch, for now anyway. P.S. Just saw your other post about seeing mama come out of box – take a deep breath now and enjoy them!


          Thanks Carol! I am ashamed to admit I peeked twice and the first time there was a fecal sac and now it’s gone so I feel better. Papa is standing on a fence with a mealworms waving so he is trying to help.


            Lisa, he may be one of those males who never gets around a wren guard. That’s perfectly fine as long as he still provides food for the female to give the chicks. Seems to me the females are always the ones determined to get around the thing. Leave it in place for around 10 days, ok?

            Atlanta, GA


              Lisa, no need to feel ashamed for peeking twice. There’s no harm in that. It’s probably wise.


            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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