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The Original Bluebird Nut

    I haven’t seen the NABS presentation personally, but I was able to dig up some information on it. One of our long-time members (Bet), who we rarely see any more because she’s so busy, had some role in preparing the content. An NYSBS member who saw a rough draft of the text of the presentation estimated that the program would take about half an hour if presented to an audience where questions are asked. The text itself would probably take about 15 minutes to read through without stopping for questions. An outline of the contents is as follows:

    Sections of program on:
    a. Why bluebirds and history
    b. Bluebird biology
    c. Helping bluebirds
    d. Predators and competitors
    e. Conclusion

    She also said there’s not much in the program on Mountain and Western bluebirds – just their range and their need for slightly different nest boxes. The focus is on EABL.

    She didn’t see any of the photos that go along with the text, but knowing Bet, if she had anything to do with the selection they are probably quite good – she has a great collection from all over. All in all, probably worth the investment…but that’s second- and third-hand opinion.

    Hope that helps!

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