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    Dale, winter is a better time to trap Starlings with a ground trap and peanut butter works really well. It’s almost impossible to trap them now that way though. It would be better if you had a nestbox trap for them. I don’t have one but I’ve heard they work really well. The starling goes into a nestbox hole to start a nest and is trapped.
    Once you have a decoy in the repeating trap you’ll catch more. It’s that first one that is hard to get. That’s why many of us have a van Ert inbox trap and we will catch a house sparrow with that and then put him in the holding area of the repeater trap.
    You can still catch HOSP without a decoy but it take more time. If it doesn’t work off the ground, try putting it on the ground (that what I do). Try different locations, under a feeder, by some bushes that they frequent, under a fence where they perch. Is the weight bar right? Put two quarters (taped together is easier) on the arm and if the arm makes a quick drop to the ground with no bouncing then that’s perfect. (for house sparrows). Are you sprinkling seed on the landing platform? And maybe on the wood part of the cage on top? This brings them in. And of course a lot in the bait area too. I’ve heard recently of people putting nesting material in the bait tray and even in the holding compartment. Try everything.