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    This is a year like no other in an awful way. This morning I spotted a male on top of the house. So I guessed that maybe this is a new male since I’ve had no response to my whistle.
    I’ve been trying to keep my eye on the box all morning. About an hour ago I saw a robin sitting on top of the box holding worms in his mouth. He stayed there for quite a long time, maybe five minutes. The mother kept peeking her head out while he sat there. (I don’t know whether this fact is relevant to my story. ) A short time ago I went out and found a dead bluebird male right by the box. He had no bloody marks on him. His chest looked a little disheveled but that’s all. I walked around with him in my hand for a while hoping he’d revive. Then I put him in a safe place out of the sun next my house, again hoping he’d revive if left alone. But he’s dead.

    I imagine the female will abandon the nest in the next few days. This season I’ve lost at least two males, have seen two(soon to be three) females come and go, and lost nestlings to a snake. In addition for the first time in 20 years I haven’t had tree swallows in the adjacent box.

    Feeling pretty sad right now.