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    I’d like to see the story you have. However, I just checked my box with an additional baffle in tow only to see that tragedy has struck again 😢😢😢😢 I assume it was the wren. Two tossed eggs outside the box. One egg seems to be missing. But my dog in theory could have picked that he up as he had just been out. I now, after 20 years, think I need to research wren guards. 😁 But please check the paragraph after the next one.

    I have a question about the placement of my boxes. The Peterson box definitely preferred by the bluebirds is the one closest to the woods. The other box is only 10-15 away from it. Is it worth switching the two?

    I have one more weird piece of information which might have to do with the latest tragedy. The widowed female who had been incubating the eggs got a new partner! As of yesterday a new male appeared and stayed with her. I watched him check out the nest box. I’m not sure whether he went all the way in, but I think I saw him do this. In fact he behavior was more like a father feeding the chicks than a partner with eggs in the nest. Is it possible he tossed the eggs???

    Thanks again for your thoughts.

    Should I at this point, toss the nest and see what ensues?