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Love my blues!

    Hi Susan- just posted to you on other site wondering if your mealworms were too small? The local 50 count are usually the really small ones & mine have never been interested in them. Have you seen dried mealworms at the pet store (in bird or reptile section)? That’s about the size you want (3/4 inch to 1 inch).

    Also, it’s ok to peak up until day 13. After this, checking could cause premature fledging. That way, you can check to make sure the babies are ok. Mama may scold you, but it’s ok. I actually wear my bike helmet when I open the box (LOL) because my parents dive bomb me.

    Lastly, I’m in AL with similar temps & have 1st egg after 2 successful fledgings. I’m concerned about the heat, so I put a heat shield on my box (lots of people do this time of year). It looks silly, but I’m hoping it will help eggs/chicks survive. Most people use styrofoam with thumbtack spacers between box & styrofoam with a bungee cord to hold it on. Not trying to make your job harder, but could help especially if your box is in the sun. Sialis site tells more about how to make heat shields & you can google different images to get a better idea. Make sure she accepts it just like you did with the spooker.

    Again, so sorry about the Daddy. Such a shame!