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Carol – Mid-Mo.

    Yeah, Susan – we told you she would love those worms. Sounds like you are on top of things, thinking about the heat & all. We all have to start somewhere when we begin to host these beauties – I read everything I could find, especially the website, and boy is there a lot to learn – like life, you never quit learning if you are doing anything at all!

    I learned something new this season with this current mama – who is a different one from the very 1st one this year. When she is incubating she does not come off the nest like all the others did – a couple of times she surprised me when I thought she was off nest, and when I peaked in to check the eggs she was in there and did not move one bit. Of course, I very quickly closed the lid & left her alone.

    Rich, I know nothing about blow flies – don’t believe we have them here – is it the heat that brings them in?