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    Hi Carol: The worms I bought came right from Petsmart. I just asked for mealworms, and these are the ones they gave me. I only specified that I did not want “Superworms.” The Mama is definitely sharing the worms with the babies. Right now, the feeder is only about 3 feet away from the birdhouse. I only give her the worms when I have the time to sit and watch for her to empty the feeder. I don’t want any other birds coming to the feeder. Do I need to move it farther away if I am monitoring her and only leaving her alone when the feeder is empty? Right now, I have a lot of flexibility to monitor her because I am a school teacher, and I am off for the summer. Thankfully, these babies will fledge before I have to go back to school in the middle of August. I am going to need advice on how to help the fledglings once they take off–assuming they stick around :)