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    I have mine on an upturned plastic garbage can about 3′ off the ground near where they sit before flying to my feeder. I have a piece of plywood under the trap. I started with the trap on the ground, but I was catching a lot of juncos and a few wrens. Then I went to some concrete blocks, but was still catching juncos. When I got it up on the garbage can, I’ve only caught HOSPs. I’ve thought about getting a post to mount it on.

    I use a pellet gun to dispatch them, and it is quick and humane. I use a wheelbarrow to move the trap into my garage overnight, where the temperatures stay about 20 degrees above outside. So far this winter, that has worked well. I try to keep two decoys, as they seem to roost together at night for warmth.

    I’ve caught 41 in the past 5 days… 209 since mid-summer, when I got the trap. But I have at least that many in a pyramidal arborvitae hedge in my back yard. I got the trap to reduce the HOSP population in that area. In the winter, the ground under that hedge turns white(and not from snow!). :FeelingSick: The hedge screens my garage and, in the summer, my RV, so I don’t want to remove it.

    Since I’m home more in the winter, I have the trap out constantly now, as in the summer, I was always going to one place or another.

    Some day I’d like to try a bluebird house, but that’s just not possible right now. But, my cooper hawks and raccoons are eating well! :scared:

    Toledo, Ohio