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    blue birds on my feeder today video

    My Name is Marcel from Salem NH, I’m so excited to be here, I’ve been watching my girls & (boys) for about 8 years and have been seeing the Eastern Blue Birds from December to April enjoying my Dried n live mealies and I make BB suet in my green house. I usually have about 10-13, and no luck in my 4 houses until last spring. It was beautiful one pair stayed in a new none traditional Acorn bb house(my spouse wanted for birthday), I installed a color motion detector camera and got to see everything I had time to see. It was the coolest thing in the world I had(they had) lol, 2 successful broads of 5 each. Then laid another 4 and I was waiting for #5egg, and looked at my camera feed at lunch at work and was in shock freaking out seeing a bird in the nest a (HOSP)taking the third of 4 eggs out. I flew home (2 miles) but was not in time. To find 2 gone and 2 on ground broken. And mom gone and dad back in the am swooping after hops. And left that afternoon. I took down the house its in the greenhouse till march 1st. Like last year. And will begin trying management of hops. So that being said this is my favorite time of years as I feed usually 13 bb, only 6-9 this year so far, I think because its so warm and no snow (little 2 inch )last week. All the winter berry and holly is still fully on the bushes, (so I think they just have lots of food and don’t need me yet.) my video is live for me and if this site posting allows that link. Its on the feeder hanging 13 feet above ground and the one I put below is from 946am this morning. They are here all day on and off every hour. I’ll set the recorder to 2 minutes if you guys want as I save the batteries keeping it at 34seconds. If that does not work ill take still it has a camera button for shots. I’m so happy to be here, sorry it was so long. And I apologize ahead of time for my grammatical errors, I’m not a good writer. I hope you enjoy my current bb’s. And I have lots of picks from last years broads n videos as I was a bit obsessed, I think some of you probably understand. Thank you for allowing me in on this beauty. Cheers MarcelinNH (Male)😊

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