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      I’ve now had the unfortunate problem for a 2nd time this year. My first pair laid eggs on Easter,hatched as normal and were a couple of days away from fledging when I noticed something awry. I thought maybe a sparrow attack on a parent (babies were untouched) or maybe a parasite (still uncertain), but I went full-blown hound on any sparrow noticed.
      Now again, just days away for my 2md nest to fledge, basically the same exact scenario…except I have all but eliminated any sparrow issue.

      I know that nature is just that and it can sometimes be ugly, but my question is to anyone in my region (south central Indiana) potentially having the same issue?
      I know pesticides can have ill effects on babies, but our EBBs almost exclusively feed on my acre.

      I’m at a loss and I just want to rule out something more nefarious or widespread. So, if you’re in central IN/ILL and have had success(es) this year, chime in and ease my mind a little.

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        I don’t know why that happens occasionally but it does. So sorry. It’s so frustrating. It’s hard to know what could have gone wrong. It could be the things you suggested or maybe something happened to the momma and that dad found a new love and didn’t feed them?
        I’m guessing your bluebirds probably are visiting other yards. A bluebirds territory is about 150 yds. The parents could have fed the babies something that caused their death. But,the frustrating thing is…we will never know!!


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