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      Put up boxes four years ago, but no interest.
      Year two some interest but no nest.
      Year three, nest started but left half done.
      This year the older BB brought a younger male and showed him the house.
      Few days later young male and female in and out of the house. Never saw either of them carrying nesting material.
      Then noticed she kept staying in or near the house. based on history i didn’t think they had a nest, until they began shuttling worms from feeder to the house and could occasionally see a wide open mouth.
      Last Saturday, one would stick it’s head out and look around. Left for the weekend knowing they would leave the nest while I was gone. Came home today (Monday) there was the one looking out the house, but it was getting further and further out the hole, until it took off. I called my wife and she witnessed number two take off. Number three wouldn’t venture too far out the hole. Mom and dad came by and stuck their head in (for encouragement?). While we were sitting there hoping to see number three, a hawk got one of the first two. Picked out of the tree with mom and dad chasing it.
      It is against the law to shoot an air rifle in the city and the hawk is a protected species, BUT!!!!!!
      So it was a happy day to actually see the babies leave the nest, but the hawk caused it to be a sad day.


      Sorry to hear about the hawk incident. Nature can be cruel sometimes. But congratulations on your fledging of the rest of the brood.

      Stafford, VA

      blue diamonds

        Percy….That is so sad! Why couldn’t that hawk have chosen a house sparrow! Grrrr.



          So so sad. Just wanna take that hawk and shake her. I’m curious if it was a large hawk or a kestrel. Seems like a baby bird would not be much of a meal either way. And when the world is so full of HOSP that would surely be a better meal. So frustrating.

          Willamette Valley, Oregon

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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