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      Hi all,
      I noticed something very odd (to me anyway) in my neighbor’s yard yesterday, and I’m wondering if I’ve given him the best advice.

      He just had his first successful bluebird nest, and he and his wife were thrilled.

      For some reason, they have two different bluebird houses in their backyard that are set up within 2 feet of each other, an old wood one and a new one purchased from Duncraft. The successful nest was in the wood house.

      The neighbors have reported that the bluebirds have started a new nest in their backyard so yesterday I went over to take a look.

      I was alarmed when I saw a female house sparrow bringing in nesting material to the wooden house so clearly the sparrows have taken over.

      As it turns out, bluebirds have chosen to make their nest in the Duncraft house that is literally within 2 feet of the sparrow house. I observed the bluebirds in the yard and all over that house, tho I didn’t see the mother brining in nesting material. It was very surprising to me that they would choose to be next door neighbors of the sparrow couple. ????

      My neighbor did destroy the sparrow nest upon my advice but it looked like the sparrows were about to start a new one.

      At first, I thought he should just take down the wooden house, but then I wondered about trapping those sparrows with the Van Ert trap that goes inside the box and then disposing of them. I just worry that they may try to take over the Duncraft house if their house is removed.

      Do you think I gave my neighbor good advice??? What would you recommend???


        He should definitely NOT take down the nestbox. If you do that, the house sparrow will take over the other box.You are right, he needs to trap. So do they have a Van Ert trap? If not do you have one that he can borrow?
        Let that house sparrow get comfortable and start building a nest. And then put the trap in.
        He will have to watch it very carefully because the bluebirds will also probably be curious of the house in may go in.
        It’s normal for bluebirds and house girls to nest in the same vicinity. There’s just so many house sparrows that that’s inevitable.



          Thanks so much Tammy! I do have a Van Ert trap to give him. I will share with him your advice!!

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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