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    Love my blues!

      David- they’re really looking good! Mine are getting close too. Fledge today should be Tuesday. I hope Susan’s are doing well, too! Hope all of ours fledge successfully!

      Nicole :hoppingblue:


      I missed another fledging on Friday. There was a lot of activity with the 2 parents bringing food to the young ones. But I did not expect them to go until Saturday. I did see a lot of “peeking” out of the box by several of the young but they did not venture out while I sat there and took these pictures. All in all I must have spent 4 hours watching the box and taking a few snaps but did not see them go.

      On Saturday morning I looked out to see if the parents were watching for the first ones to leave the box but they were nowhere in sight. I waited until 11:00 AM before I decided that I needed to see what was happening so I could get on with mowing the lawn. I found the box empty. So they must have fledged after I used the grill on the deck around 5:00 PM on Friday. Cleaning the nestbox today and letting it dry before putting it back up for the winter occupants.

      Checking out the neighborhood

      Dad must be showing which way to fly out of the box

      Stafford, VA

      Love my blues!

        David- Yay! So glad they fledged! Absolutely love the pics! Mine fledged this past Wednesday. Hope ours all come back to visit! Congratulations!

        Nicole :BlueHover:


          Great pictures Dave!!
          Congrats on a successful third nesting!

        Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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