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      I caught my first baitbird of the season at work on Friday (we seem to be inundated with HOSP this year!)….promptly caught a second male. Yay all great!

      Take the bait bird and trap home for the weekend and had it up on a little table thinking that was “safe” (last year had a rat or something eat the legs off the trapped birds in the night. Meep! so want them off the ground now) O_o
      Anyhow last night something knocked over the little table and the bait bird got out. Darn it!!!!

      Back to square one!!

      No shortage of HOSP in my back yard but the last few times I had the trap out the 50 + birds all feed around the trap without going in…Meh!
      So annoyed!

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        I’ve had that happen before, Brenda. It is very annoying, especially because once they have been trapped, they tend to become trap-savvy. I once had a fox drag a trap halfway across our 200′ back yard, and bite the bait bird in half. Gross!

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          Bummer, Brenda. I hate it when that happens!



            Thanks guys!
            Heh, live and learn! I now know that little table is not “safe” after all.

            Thankfully I did manage to catch another male at work this week…but now I have a long weekend and have to visit family… would put it truly ‘safe’ inside somewhere, but not sure the feeder in the cage will hold enough for the weekend but hate to euthanize my only bait bird after they eluded me for weeks.. :P

            I did see my blues at work this week! Yay!
            No TRES yet but I expect them any day…now if only I could clear out the HOSP infestation before the TRES got here!

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