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      Josie. Welcome. Glad you found us. Like I told GS, this is a small group to begin with and usually members don’t look at the comments in this introduction thread so from now on, start a new post for more comments.
      Not sure what’s going on. It may be that the momma bluebird is sneaking in without you seeing her or maybe something happened to her. If something happened to her I’m sure he will find a new mate. Have you checked inside the box? There might be a full nest and even eggs in there already.



        Hello, I’m Lisa and I’m from the Atlanta area. I’ve been a backyard birder since the pandemic started. Last spring I had bluebirds at my feeder, and by the time I did research and got dried mealworms for them they were gone. This year I was ready and had two mealworm feeders up during the winter. Some bluebirds started coming around in February, I put up a birdhouse, and within a couple of days they started checking it out and building their nest. They have four eggs in there now and I’m about to get live mealworms going (yuck). So excited!

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          I’ve closed this sticky topic to new replies. We’d still like to hear from our new participants. Just introduce yourself by starting a new topic in the forum. Thanks!

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        Viewing 3 posts - 196 through 198 (of 198 total)
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