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    Perry R

      I have my first western couple!


      I had a lot of success with this home built Gilwood back in Indiana. I moved out west, missed last year, but am back in business this spring. They have been slow to show up, a pair but has definitely claimed this box.

      For you western experts, two things are different. One is the time. This picture was taken a month ago, and still no eggs. There is a nest. But the nest seems, how should I put this politely, shabby. Made of coarse grass. Not quite HOSP level of trashiness, but not the nice cup of pine needles I’m accustomed to seeing from EABLs. Is this common?

      The Original Bluebird Nut

        Can’t say I know much about Western bluebirds personally, but the photos of WEBL nests on Sialis look about like what you’re describing.

        Central NY
        TMB Studios


          How neat! We rarely have people out west on here. So excited to hear about your western bluebirds! So nice hearing from you again, Perry!!


          Carol – Mid-Mo.

            Cool to see a Western landlord on this forum! About their “shabby” nest, my newer pair (3rd year for them) I have noticed their nests aren’t the really neat, fine grasses/pine needles as my previous pair. In fact a couple of times I have mistaken their beginnings as HOSP nest because of all the coarse grass, but it did lack all the junk of HOSP so I really watched close & finally decided it was the blues’ nest, and now have 5 baby blues. About the time we have these “wild” birds figured out, they change directions! P.S. This newer Eastern BB pair also are a LOT slower in their 1st nest building & laying of eggs. Good luck with your western pair.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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